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The trauma reverberates through my entire being. This is a hell hole that no parent envisioned themselves in. We are all in a psychosocial experiment with all the good, bad and indifference that the world wide web has established. Our kids are the most vulnerable to herd thinking. I don't know what immunes some and not others, but adults (and the institutions inhabited by adults) who aren't using common sense are causing actual harm. Every day there is a new shit storm, and just when you thought it couldn't get worse. I am so sorry for the hell you have had to endure, it is a dystopian nightmare to say the least.

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hope ur doing ok. not sure if uv ever read this list of reasons why girls choose to ID as boys.


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You have every good reason to write what you have but I think calling it a “rant” diminishes its importance a little. We are allowed to have feelings and express them honestly without thinking we must call it “a rant”. Strong feelings of righteous anger are justified.

I remember expressing similar feelings and someone in an official role suggested my “rant” upset a social worker. He judged me unfit to be a carer for my grandson in case “he grows up to be transgender”. My transgender phobic views counted against me in my assessment to be a potential foster carer.

If I could have found a solicitor to challenge the judgement, I would have done so. The Western world is so captured by this insane evil that very few people have courage like you to speak against it.

I also am mother of a beautiful daughter who is now legally male. My heart was broken. It has been difficult to cling onto my Christian faith. This daughter is still alive after suicide attempts. After years of estrangement I do have Skype contact.

We have to count our blessings and keep fighting

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